Sports Cars

The sports car is a car which is designed with performance in mind before anything else. It is a car which is a car for the sake of being a car only, its primary job is not to transport you somewhere in comfort but only to get you there as quickly as possibly offering the ultimate driving experience. For this reason the typical sports car is usually small and stripped to its bare necessities, often with only one passenger seat and two doors to ensure minimum weight which in turn lets you go faster. They are also designed to handle at a very good standard.

The beginning of the sports car goes back as far as the early 20th century when a certain Vauxhall was produced boasting 20hp. Cars such as this became loosely known as sports cars after the first world war.

Sports cars can vary when it comes to their layout, some such as the Chevrolet Corvette have a front engine, rear wheel drive layout whilst brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini opt for a central engine rear wheel drive layout and Porsche maintain the rear engine rear wheel drive layout. In recent years four wheel drive has become more and more common in sports cars, including the very famous, very fast; Bugatti Veyron.